Welcome to the Trail Running Calendar

A number of great organizers put on fantastic off-road events in Oregon and throughout the Pacific Northwest, but there wasn't a single spot where runners could find them all. Until now! This blog was created in order to provide a list of trail running events to runners in Oregon.

Races are categorized by type: trail, scramble, mountain and ultra. In my mind, a trail run is a race held on established trails. A scramble is a race over open country, with minimal established trails, or with significant obstacles. A mountain run is a race with significant elevation change. And an ultra is a race longer than 26.2 miles.

There are other categories, as well. Cross-country is a team sport held on golf courses and the like. Races are typically high school or collegiate athletic events. There are also snowshoe races, orienteering events, hashes, etc. I may or may not include these, but only if they are open to everyone.

This calendar is a work in progress. Please share your favorite events with me.


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