Welcome to the Trail Running Calendar

A number of great organizers put on fantastic off-road events in Oregon and throughout the Pacific Northwest, but there wasn't a single spot where runners could find them all. Until now! This blog was created in order to provide a list of trail running events to runners in Oregon.

Races are categorized by type: trail, scramble, mountain and ultra. In my mind, a trail run is a race held on established trails. A scramble is a race over open country, with minimal established trails, or with significant obstacles. A mountain run is a race with significant elevation change. And an ultra is a race longer than 26.2 miles.

There are other categories, as well. Cross-country is a team sport held on golf courses and the like. Races are typically high school or collegiate athletic events. There are also snowshoe races, orienteering events, hashes, etc. I may or may not include these, but only if they are open to everyone.

This calendar is a work in progress. Please share your favorite events with me.


Trail Running Calendar

Date Race Type Distance Location
02/20/10 Hagg Lake 50K Ultra 50k, 25k Forest Grove
02/27/10 Buck Mountain Mudslinger Trail Run Trail 6.5M Silver Falls State Park
02/28/10 Tumor Shooter Trail 7M, 3.5M  Benton County Fairgrounds, Corvallis
03/20/10 Santiam Canyon Scramble Scramble 5M Lyons
03/27/10 Shotgun Trail Blast Ultra 50k, 25k, 10k Marcola
04/03/10 Footzone Horse Butte 10-miler Trail 10M Bend
04/11/10 The Dirt Dash Trail 5M Hagg Lake
04/11/10 Peterson Ridge Rumble Ultra 60k, 30k Sisters
04/17/10 Ekiden Trail Relay & 10K Relay 10k Dexter
05/08/10 McDonald Forest 50k Ultra 50k Corvallis
05/08/10 Oakridge Mountain Race Mountain 6M Oakridge
05/16/10 Havoc at the Hideout Scramble 6M North Plains
05/29/10 Ridgeline Ramble Trail 20k, 10k Eugene
05/30/10 Forest Park Ultra 50k, 20k, 10k Portland
05/30/10 Run for the Hills Trail 8k Corvallis
06/06/10 Gorilla Thrilla Trail 12M, 3.3M Eugene
06/12/10 Steep Hill Chase Trail 5k Eugene
06/13/10 Dirty Half Trail 13.1 M Bend OR
06/19/10 Cape Mountain Trail Run Trail 10M Cape Mountain, Florence
06/20/10 Mt. Hood Scramble Scramble 6M Mt. Hood
06/20/10 Test of Enduance Ultra 50k Blodget
07/10/10 Siskiyou Out Back 50K Ultra 50k Mt Ashland
07/11/10 McCubbin's Gulch Scramble Scramble 6M Bear Springs
07/17/10 Granite Man Endurance Weekend Mountain 10M Jacksonville
07/24/10 Mt Hood PCT 50M Ultra 50M Clackamas Ranger Station
07/25/10 Great NW Mountain Run Mountain 6-8M Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood
08/07/10 Steens Rim Run Mountain 10k Steens Mtn, Malheur Co.
08/07/10 Mt Ashland Hillclimb Mountain 13M Ashland
08/08/10 Haulin' Aspen Trail 13.1 M, 26.2M Ben
08/15/10 The Tillamook Burn Scramble 6M Pacific City
08/21/10 Where's Waldo 100K Ultra 100k Willamette Pass
09/04/10 Sunrise to Summit Mountain 3M Mt Bachelor, Bend
09/04-05/10 Sage Brush Skidaddle and Central Oregon Crossfit Challenge Scramble 5-6M Redmond
09/11/10 McKenzie River 50K Ultra 50k McKenzie Bridge
09/12/10 Tri Trail Challenge Trail 7k-1k climb-3k Eugene
09/18/10 Pine to Palm 100 Ultra 100M Ashland
09/18/10 XTERRA Trail Running National Championship Trail 13.1 M Bend
09/19/10 Ole's Assault Scramble 6-8M Astoria
10/03/10 Dirty 2nd Half Trail 13.1 M Bend
10/25/10 McDonald Forest 15K Trail 15k Corvallis
11/6/10 Lithia Loop Trail Marathon Trail 26.2M Ashland
11/13/10 Kevin's Cup XVIII - The Ultimate Footrace Scramble 8k West Linn
12/04/10 Shellburg Falls Trail Run Trail 10k Lyons
12/12/10 Ho Ho 5k Trail 5k Tigard
06/05/11 Run for the Hills Trail 8k Corvallis